Lifetime guarantee on all bodywork

We offer a FREE lifetime ownership guarantee* on all bodywork paint repairs, so you get peace of mind when you choose us to repair your car. Please take a look at our reviews for yourself.  We're now voted the best on Google for car body repairs in Bristol so look no further than Dentmagic for all your scuffs, scratches & dent repairs.

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Free courtesy car or van hire

FREE courtesy cars or vans available*.
We can help keep you mobile by providing you with a free courtesy car or van whilst your vehicle is being worked on by our ATA trained technicians. Insurance is included at no extra charge*.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Paintless Dent Removal From £45 + VAT

It can be heartbreaking to have your vehicle dented or dinged. However, you can have peace of mind when you call Dentmagic the South West’s leading paintless dent removal company.

  • 100% satisfaction
  • Dents removed from just 20 minutes
  • Drive-in facility
  • Mobile service

Dentmagic technicians have the best tools and latest techniques coupled with valuable hands-on experience in the field of dent repair and ding removal.

It will enable our technicians to deliver smart repair services with 100% satisfaction; even with a critical eye, customers often find it impossible to detect the repair or find a flaw.

Specialist Paintless Dent Removal in Bristol – PDR

Fixing unsightly dings and dents on your car or van is easier and cheaper than you may think. At Dentmagic in Bristol, we use a revolutionary technique called Paintless Dent Removal (PDR). PDR is an exceptionally clever method of repairing smaller dings and dents without the need for fixing the whole panel.  Instead, our PDR specialists will carefully reshape the panel, removing the need to fill it in and repaint it.

Our trained ATA technicians use specialist equipment and tools to gently ‘massage’ the dent out, restoring your car’s body work to its original shape. Paintless Dent Removal does not crack or peel the paintwork; therefore, the manufacturer’s paintwork finish will not be affected.

Depending on the size of the damage, our specialist PDR technicians can remove some dents in just as little as 20 minutes.

We offer a drive-in facility at our Cribbs Causeway and Brislington repair centres or you may prefer our mobile service available throughout Bristol and Bath.

Why choose Paintless Dent Removal?

It’s quicker and cheaper than traditional body repair work because there is no need for sanding, filing, and repainting.

Our qualified ATA technicians in Bristol will gently push out the ding or dent meaning there will be no damage to the paintwork and no need for it to be resprayed.

PDR is a quick repair process meaning that you won’t have the inconvenience of not having your car for a long period of time. In fact, some PDR jobs can be completed from just 20 minutes to a couple of hours!

Paintless Dent Removal is permanent, so the scratch, ding or dent to your car will never be seen again.

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