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Fast alloy wheel repair service in Bristol

Whether you’ve misjudged the kerb as you came into park or if you’ve driven over a pothole, we know all too well the sickening feeling when you discover that your beautiful alloys have been scuffed or dented. We understand that you may in fact be looking at the damage now and wincing, but don’t worry as Dentmagic are here to assist you. Not only are we Bristol’s leading Car Body Repair and Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) specialists, but we are also experts in restoring old and damaged Alloy Wheels.

Dentmagic in Bristol have been repairing alloy wheels for over 20 years and have seen all sorts of damage to alloy wheels so you can be assured that you’re in good hands when you choose us.

If you’ve damaged your alloy wheels and are looking to have them repaired in Bristol, you have two choices when you come to Dentmagic. You can either bring your car to us at our Cribbs Causeway or Brislington repair centres or we can come out to you! Our mobile service is available throughout Bristol, and we have a special alloy wheel spray booth so we can easily carry out the repair work on your driveway or at the roadside.

We offer:

  • Same day repairs
  • Standard or custom painted alloy repairs
  • Diamond cut polished factory finish alloy repairs
  • Manual polish option which is cheaper and more cost effective
  • Mobile service available*

Depending on the amount of damage our professional alloy wheel repair service will take around 1-4 hours to complete depending on how many Alloy wheels you need repaired. With prices starting from £40 + VAT you can afford to repair your existing alloys.

In that time, our trained ATA technicians will remove all of the scratches, scuffs and dents making them look like new again.
Please note that custom painted alloys may take longer to complete but we can give you an estimated time when we speak to you.

Outstanding Alloy Wheel Repairs in Bristol

Scuffs, dents and chips in your alloy wheels not only spoil the overall appearance of your vehicle but they can lead to corrosion if left unrepaired.
At Dentmagic in Bristol our team of fully trained and experienced ATA technicians will quickly get to work so you can get back on the road without minimal disruption to your day.

We don’t need to remove the tyres from your alloy wheel which will save time, instead we push the tyre away from the rim and mask it, so it’s fully protected whilst we repair it. We’ll then fully clean and prepare the damaged alloy wheel so we know the extent of the damage.

Our ATA technicians will then carefully sand the area the remove the scuff, dent, or chip to the alloy wheel then respray the Alloy back to its original condition. If your painted alloys have dents in that fine, we’ll use a high-grade filler before sanding, blending and priming the area to create an exceptionally repair ready for respraying.

All our technicians are trained in mixing the correct colour to match your wheel. We do this by finding the colour code for your alloys and using this information or colour matching paint chips so we can mix the exact colour.

Custom Painted Alloy Wheel Repairs

Make your alloys stand out from the crowd! Our Custom Painted Alloy Wheel Service in Bristol will add a personal touch to your motor and make it unique.

Our bespoke alloy wheel design service in Bristol means that anything is possible, when our team of trained and experienced technicians get to work on your alloys.

We have an extensive range of stunning customised finishes available including metallic, matt, satin, semi-gloss, gloss and chrome effect, if you prefer, we can colour match the rims and wheels to your car’s bodywork or a colour of your choice.
Whatever design you choose we’re pretty certain that you’ll be blown away by our attention to detail and our first-class customer service.

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repairs in Bristol

If you have recently bought a new car then it’s very likely that you have diamond cut alloys. These types of alloys are visually stunning but can be hard to maintain. Even small scuffs and chips in your alloy wheels can lead to water penetrating behind the lacquer causing corrosion, and over time your alloys will fade and lose their shine.

At Dentmagic in Bristol, our skilled and experienced Alloy wheel technicians are fully trained to use our advanced lathe machinery, whereby a thin layer of the alloy is removed allowing us to fully restore your wheels to what they looked like when you drove your car off the forecourt.

Professional Alloy Wheel Powder Coating in Bristol

If your alloy wheels are old, heavily damaged or you want a complete colour change, then powder coating offers the perfect solution.
Powder coating is a dry colour powder that is sprayed onto your alloy wheels in the same way that traditional lacquer is, but the colour is then ‘baked’ onto the surface to form a hard finish.

Our powder coating service takes time , This is because we have to remove the tyres from the alloys, strip them back to the bare metal, wash them and prime them before powder coating and baking them. But some things are worth waiting for, and we’re pretty certain that you’ll leave our premises feeling over the moon with the finish.

Manual Alloy Wheel Polishing

Manual alloy wheel polishing is a cheaper alternative to Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repairs.
Dentmagic in Bristol are experts at manual polishing alloy wheels and our trained Alloy wheel technicians will remove all scuffs and scrapes and match the finish as close as possible to a diamond cut finish most people cant even tell the difference apart from the price its a great saving and you make them look great again saving you money.

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