Free courtesy car or van hire

FREE courtesy cars or vans available*.
We can help keep you mobile by providing you with a free courtesy car or van whilst your vehicle is being worked on by our ATA trained technicians. Insurance is included at no extra charge*.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Mobile Alloy Wheel Repairs

Dentmagic’s mobile alloy wheel repair services are based in Bristol & Bath. Fully trained technicians are able to visit your home or place of work to undertake this task.

On average our mobile alloy wheel repair service will take around 1- 4 hours to complete depending on the amount of wheels & damage. Our trained ATA technicians are able to repair all the scratches, scuffs & dings on your alloys with a well equipped mobile repair van with its own special alloy wheel spray booth.

Dentmagic have been repairing alloy wheels for over 20 years so we have seen most damage and most types of alloys so we will have the best advice on how to repair them.

Our technicians have all the tools, experience and training to repair your alloy wheels back to looking like new.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if my alloys can be repaired with your mobile service?

Send in images of your damage by using the online form.  We will get back to you within 24- 48 hours with a estimate stating your repair options.

2. How much room do I need for the mobile repair to be done at my home or work place?

We would need room for a van and a safe place to work but our technicians will do a risk assessment on arrival.  Ideally we would need off street parking or a driveway, but this must be safe for our staff.

3. Can the work be carried out if it’s raining?

All our repair vans have side awnings & 3m x 3m canopies to protect the vehicles from the elements. Only storms & really bad weather would stop us completing the mobile repairs.  We would then need to re book the repair with you.

4. Do you need power?

Access to a socket is optional but we do have generators on board so we can work anywhere as long as there’s enough room and it is safe.

5. How will you match my alloy wheel colour?

All our technicians are trained in mixing the correct colour to match your wheel.  We do this by finding the colour code for your alloy wheel.  With this information we can mix exact colour.

6. How do I book my alloys in for repair?

Once you’ve got your quote give us a call with your quote reference number then one of our team will book you in.

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